Dear Friends,

Welcome to our community. AcordoMusic is nonprofit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, with a mission to support the “appreciation, preservation, and performance of traditional and contemporary folk music from around the world”

AcordoMusic is an interactive virtual community dedicated to keeping exceptional musicians in “high touch” with their fans.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive resource for music lovers all over the globe and provide services and support for musicians.

Our motto, “Pick it up & carry it on…” is a quote from a song by my band mate Jack Herrick (of the Red Clay Ramblers- I confess, it’s my “day job”), and that is exactly what we are doing. With your help, we can continue focusing on development of the community, with features like our folk festival and folk radio show databases, our promotional MP3 distribution services, RSS feeds, streaming “WEFM Radio”, and of course more music, artists added every day.

I want to thank all the visitors and users that helped us to become a vital part of the folk music scene in the eight years since our inception. The commercial music world may ignore us as they race for the lowest common denominator, but we will thrive, for one reason: the music is really good. We can and must do what we can to “save” this endangered art form.

With your help, we can keep the good music in the air, and make folk music a part of everyday life.